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March 27, 2017

Laundry essay

I bought a laundry machine before 2 weeks. I received it at last week. I washed at first time in the machine at the Saturday before last Saturday. I washed cloths again today.

My laundry machine is made by Hitachi and named as Beat Wash Slim. The capacity is 8kg. It has a function of drying in addition to washing. This is not a type of drum. Therefore, the results of drying are twined each other. I should disentangle the knotted cloths before drying those. But, overall, my new machine is good machine. Because I don't need to go to a coin laundry.

My place for laundry machine is located near the entrance door. My kitchen is located next the entrance. As my computing space is the kitchen, I can computing while I wash cloths.


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